Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Stuff

I have a couple of quilts I would like to share with you today. The first one I call "Floating Gems". It's all pieced and straight line quilted.

The next one is a WIP, I still need to pin and quilt it. Hope to have it finished soon. Not really sure what I will call this one but that's ok. Do I really have to name every quilt I make?  This one is pieced along with the circle. The way I did the circle was by using what is called a  "6 minute circle" method. Really was simple, and I would make more. Although it did take me a little longer than 6 minutes. You can find in the book called "Pieced Curves So Simple" by Dale Fleming. Great book! I love it.

I really have been looking for a place to order labels for my quilts. I guess I want something fancy I don't know. But anyway I just can't seem to find what I want. So I sat down one day and made a few at home. This is what I came up with. What do you think?

They measure 1.25" wide  x 1.5" long and printed on a cotton twill fabric that can be put through the computer printer. I'm not one that likes to sew a quilt label onto the back of my quilts so I just slip it into the seam when I am attaching the binding. After I do that all I have is a 1.25" x 1.25" small square sticking out. Simple simple. It makes me happy.

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