Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

Rain rain go away. What a way to start the day. Oh well. Just setting here thinking about my class I had yesterday. It went well, had a new instructor and she is great. So I think I'm going to enjoy this section on vegetables. This class had a few firsts for me. First I ate Brussel sprouts, not bad at all. I would eat them again. Second, beets.... Not what I expected. I think they could have been cooked a little longer but I'm sure I'll try them again. Third, mashed cauliflower with a few potatoes added. Yet another taste I was not expecting. Think I would eat that again also. Forth, stuffed cabbage. Not so sure on that one. Probably would try it, just to see, I just couldn't get this cabbage to cut with fork. So if we make it again I will give it a second chance. All in all everything was really good!

On another note.....guess where I will be one year from now?? That's right. QuiltCon. I seriously can not wait. This is going to be so much fun. I think a few of us form the guild are going to go together. One big quilting conference. Can't get better than that! You should really check it out if you into quilting. Just click on the link I have here on my blog page on the side "The Modern Quilt Guild" and it will tell you all about it. But if you going you better start making your plans soon.

Think I'm going to go and work on our guilds new BOM. Have a great day!

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